Untitled... / by Kenneth Dixon

If you're reading this I'm finally at the right place in current time. Most people who know my background are aware that I've been writing for some time; this includes publication pieces, creative/meditative writing, and content strategy. The first of those I'm hardly ever reluctant to show. It's my portfolio essentially and there for the world to see. The pieces are unbiased or typically one-sided and carry straight-to-the-fact prose. Those articles and narratives have lent themselves to be samples I can show to media outlets and other employers to get my foot in the door. But there's more to me, more to my writing, more to my creativity. So because I have an affinity for traveling, reading/writing poetry, taking photographs and creating visual art, I've decided to share them with you in great detail. Some may connect with its contents, while others may not. I believe I'm finally okay with the latter, well at least ready to attempt to be. It takes heart to share yourself with the world. To be able to lend yourself to others and watch people cultivate opinions however they see fit. It's daunting... But I'm not asking for you or anyone else to take it easy on me. How you feel is how you feel, and I don't intend to sway you one way to another. I'm simply sharing my truth, my stories (fiction/non-fiction), my art, my life. Maybe one day I'll inspire you in some way.