Austin Eyes / by Kenneth Dixon

April 16th '17 7:10pm

It's Sunday evening as I ride east on TX-45 back to towards Dallas. I spent the weekend in Austin and I must unsurprisingly say, I enjoyed it. But before I let my mind wander off into some other space and or time, let me clear the air. I’m actually not bad at kayaking or at least I didn’t think my skills were horrible my first time navigating through the Colorado River. Sometimes I forget how awesome outdoor activities can be and how most of the time they’re usually always worth the money. Travel often and be sure to see whatever extracurriculars are available in your foreign place of choice. So yeah other than pushing through murky dark green river water, and eating some unseasoned burgers and frittatas from a diner called 24 Diner, Austin seemed like a great place. Now I feel robbed of an experience temporarily occupying my space in Dallas. But hey you live and you learn. There was a roasted banana and brown sugar milk shake I had at the diner that was absolutely amazing. But that was about the only food highlight I have outside of tacos from One Taco and Fresas. The art scene is absolutely one to check out. Outside of the Hope Gallery, which lets any visitor create and paint over these murals and tall graffiti coated concrete walls, some of my best and inspirational experiences came from walking through art on 6th exhibition gallery, and spotting a vacant warehouse that exterior was covered in graffiti. As I drove by on a small road, my eyes gravitated towards it and I immediately pulled over and decided to explore it. The photographs I captured speak on all of those details. But somewhere along the 20th artist’s work I’ve seen over the past week or so, I began to see the the beauty in using different mediums in your art. Last week i stumbled across a photographer’s work at a festival that somewhat reminded me of mine, at least the subject matter did. But what distinguished us apart was his creative use of frames. He used a variety of different woods and metal finishes that enhanced even the simplest of images. I needed that for inspiration. I saw similar framing methods in Austin at the art on 6th street gallery and Blanton Museum downtown. Outside of framing, one photographer took photographs of photographs with random objects inserted on top of the picture. The reflection from the image’s glossy paper bothered me initially but at some point or another I began enjoying and embracing the offerings. There are more than one way to present your work. I'm beginning to appreciate and acknowledge that. 

BTW more images of the museum can be seen on my IG.