Day 1 / by Kenneth Dixon

If you didn't catch my previous blog earlier this week, I mentioned featuring some of my meditations during my travels in Europe. Below are some thoughts I wrote on my iPhone during a layover in Toronto right before my flight to the Netherlands. Proceeding this post I'll be throwing random days on here so they won't be numerical order. 

Day 1 (7/4/16)

It’s Monday, July 4th as I sit in a well air conditioned Starbucks in a food court located somewhere in downtown Toronto. I probably got like 1 hour of sleep over the past 24 hours and though I'm tired I can’t help but feel anxious and excited at the same time. Just some months ago I was here in Canada for the first time meeting stars, shooting video and covering event after event like a mad man for a company that I felt completely enslaved by. Feelings of hunger and exhaustion keep pawing at me, but I remain steadfast. I figured I’d better write before I found myself dozing off somewhere at some random restaurant or stoop. My main journey to my final destination won’t take place for about 6 more hours, so I’m stalling time until my flight to Amsterdam takes off. I guess dreams do come true, and the saying that if you think about something hard enough, and work laboriously in your field of choice, you can acquire whatever you desire. My life has truly been a testament of that, and I’m extremely humbled and grateful to be in the position that I’m in. Everything seems so minuscule to me now - everyday life in Chicago, riding through the streets, eating fried chicken from Harolds with mild sauce, salt, and pepper, or even Giordano's deep dish pizza that’s like the most beautiful food created by man. It won’t be long before I’ll be in the country where pizza actually originated, or the joyous reality that I’ll have the ability to capture stills of places people dream of or never even knew existed. As pro-Black as I claim to be, Europe has always intrigued me. Though my journey to Africa and Asia are absolutely mandatory, I’m more than elated to be backpacking through Europe, spending days in Italy, Greece, and any other country that will allow me to step foot on without a visa. In most cases, the majority of people would have itineraries for expeditions like the one I’m embarking on, but I don’t. At times I'm like I need to have a list of things to do, places to see, and thoroughly planned departure and arrival times for every place I visit, yet such a list doesn’t even exist. I’m okay with that. Being spontaneous to the third power and living every day.

Embrace what life is all about, don’t second guess yourself, roll with the hunches, don’t stay down too long, smile more, your attitude is everything. August will be here before I know it and I’ll be on a flight back to the States. I plan to enjoy every day and to create as much as I can, video, photo, literature, and any other realm i get inspired to participate in.