Day 14 (Seizing every moment) / by Kenneth Dixon

Day 14 (7/19/16) 

Friend: Scale of 1-10 how do you feel? 10 being the highest.

Me: 8

Friend: Find 3 ways to get to 10.

After my best friend posed that question I wasn't really sure at the moment. I was thrown off guard and uncertain how to gauge the question I was asked. My reply was I was on a high of 8, 10 being the highest. Was that really where I was? Since I've arrived in Croatia there hasn't been much excitement. I was exhausted upon my arrival late last night and today errands needed to be done like washing and going to the store, which meant I couldn't adventure much. But reflecting now that those tasks are done and tomorrow is hours away with an empty slate, what shall I do? How can I make the most of my time and heighten my spirits? Usually, I want to sleep because I'm so tired but starting my days off late usually results in my feeling regret after I wake up. I think about what I could have been doing or what I possibly missed out on by not seizing the day. To a certain degree what I miss is essentially not for me but what I choose to partake in and not do is solely dependent upon me. One thing for certain to help me ascend to 10 is trying to properly plan ahead of time. Several times we've missed out on certain things because it was over booked or past the time. Planning well can help me execute pretty much anything. Waking up early every day that I have a free day. Whatever planning isn't done at night can be handled in the morning or by waking up early. I can meditate on the things I desire or just contemplate. To add to that, not being hard on myself and accepting the current situation for what it is. Things won't always go your way but that's fine. In knowing myself I’ve realized how life just happens and at times I don’t make time to appreciate the moment and take it in. On this trip, I need to do that with every thrilling adventure, every activity, every thought provoking or emotional conversation, every casual stroll, by taking a moment to capture the essence of everything. This should liven my spirt right? Right!